23 May [INFOGRAPHIC] The EntrepreneurOnFire Journey: Timeline

If you're immersed in the entrepreneur space and regularly tune in to hot podcasts, then there's an almighty good chance you've heard the sounds of EntrepreneurOnFire.

From humble beginnings in June 2012, EOF has lead a fast-paced journey of inspiring millions through their daily podcasts – interviewing entrepreneurs from all around the globe.

I recently reached out to John and Kate, and suggested we take their key milestones from the past 18 months and turn it into an ultra visual timeline, slash infographic. Here's the end result...

Click on the infographic to view full size version.

EntrepreneurOnFire Journey Infographic

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Aaron Fifield
  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ John Lee Dumas

    What an honor Aaron, thanks so much for this and excited to see your rapid progression!

    • http://onedeepdesign.com.au/ Aaron Fifield

      My pleasure John! It's great to see you're stoked with the outcome.

  • George Siosi Samuels

    Awesome to see you doing work for John Lee Dumas Aaron! I had the honor of being interviewed on his show http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com/podcast/georges-siosi/. Have really enjoyed seeing your growth - keep up the good work!

    • http://onedeepdesign.com.au/ Aaron Fifield

      Thanks dude. I did hear that interview - nice work!

  • Spider Intel

    great infographic, very inspiring