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We are a youthful bunch of Brisbane designers devoted to working with entrepreneurs, go-getters and hustlers. Our approach to brand design is simple, we create with your success in mind. If there is one thing we are reminded of every day, that is the success of One Deep Design is reliant on the success of your company. So we refuse to settle for half measures and only ever put our best foot forward.

"Their creativity and design is the best!" - Todd Hamilton, Inline Fitness Club

11 Questions with our Creative Director — Aaron Fifield.


aaron fifield creative director


1. When did you start One Deep Design and what was your first project?

It all started in 2009 as a side project, I was holding down a 9-5 at the time. The first job I ever landed came through Myspace and it was creating a logo for a metal band. I charged $40!

2. Why do you enjoy working with other entrepreneurs?

I like to see others taking a risk to better themselves and others while creating something great. I also believe a close network of forward thinking entrepreneurs can be very powerful.

3. What is your favourite quote?

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful." - Eric Thomas.

4. What is the most played song on your iTunes?

'Wicked Games' by The Weeknd, with 94 plays. (Probably my most played artist too).

5. Top 3 favourite books?

'How to Make Profits Trading in Commodities' by William Gann. 'The 48 Laws of Power' by Robert Greene. 'Become a Key Person of Influence' by Daniel Priestley.

6. Favourite piece of advice you have ever received?

Niche down. Choose a very specific market and dominate it.

7. What podcasts do you regularly listen too?

Growth Hacker TV is brilliant. While a lot of the discussions are based around SaaS companies, most strategies can still be applied to service and product based companies. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

8. What is the last video you watched on YouTube?

A short film by Vice about Kim Dotcom, the tech wizard behind Megaupload. Really interesting.

9. What brand do you find incredibly influential?

One brand that really has my attention at the moment is Been Trill. While they branch out into many fields, they are ideally a streetwear clothing label. This is a brand that is really doing their own thing, leveraging off todays youth culture and creating a lot of hype.

10. What 3 websites do you visit everyday?

Dribbble.com - Awesome for creative inspiration. Homedsgn.com - Incredible houses from around the world. Entrepreneuronfire.com - Daily podcasts with tons of great business related advice.

11. What was the last documentary you saw that really opened your eyes?

The Tax Free Tour. Did you know Apple only paid a 1.9% tax rate in 2012? The going rate in USA is 30%!!

Transparency is the new black.


We're on a journey to $40k in monthly revenue and sharing every detail along the way. Our goal is to pull back the curtains and show you exactly how we are growing our brand, so you can grow with us. We will be reporting on all the ups and downs, the things that are and aren't working for us, and how you can apply these lessons to your own brand.

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