Once getting in touch with us we will have a bunch of questions to ask, we want to know everything about you and where you’re headed. We will drill down on who your closest competitors are, what your ideal customer looks like and how you would like to be perceived.

We will also discuss any ideas you might already have and how we can work those into your brand design. From there it’s to the drawing board for us!

All our projects are quoted with a buffer for 2 rounds of changes, if required. This gives us flexibility to tweak your design to get it just right. If changes go past this point, then we charge at an hourly rate of $90.

Would you believe we’ve never run into this problem? We put it down to asking all the right questions upfront, before putting pen to paper. We also discuss existing brands that inspire and appeal to you, generally this guides us in the right direction for your project.

One Deep Design HQ is Perth, Western Australia

Yeah – let’s do it. Roughly 35% of our clients are spread out across the globe already.

Everything on our part is included, the only additional costs are for things like web hosting, domain registration, stock images etc. These products are supplied by outside companies, with various plan sizes and pricing options.

Nope, just a small 30% deposit to ensure you’re as committed as we are. The remainder isn’t due until we wrap things up with your final design.

For our clients in Australia, you have the choice between direct bank transfer or bitcoin. For our clients outside of Australia, we also accept payment via Paypal.

Of course there’s many factors that determine how long a project will take. But as a guide, a typical brand design project can range between 2-5 weeks.

While brand design is the core of One Deep Design, we do still like to get our hands dirty working on smaller design projects too.

Infographics are so much fun to create, so how could we say ‘no’? If you’re looking for a ballpark figure, our infographics range between $1,000 to $2,000. View some of our recent infographics.

No, we don’t venture into this territory. The role we play in developing your brand doesn’t extend too much further than the visual side of things.

No doubt. We’re a company that plain and simply gets the importance of consistency. So if you’re brand is lacking an online presence, then we can fill the void.

When tackling any new brand design project, our goal is to make you more visually appealing than your 3 closest competitors. Now this is not a money back guarantee, but you would agree this is a pretty great advantage, right?

If there is one thing we are reminded of every day, that is the success of One Deep Design is reliant on the success of your company. So we refuse to settle for half measures and only ever put our best foot forward.

Have you read our most recent guide ‘How to look a million bucks’? It covers the creative process from start to finish and has been specifically created for entrepreneurs who need a brand their customers will love. Download it here for free.

Shoot us an email at info@onedeepdesign.com.au, we’ll respond within the hour.