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Life's good when you not only look better than your competitors, but also appeal to your perfect audience.
We know it as the ripple effect of clever brand design.

What's brand design?


Creating an extraordinary logo and bringing it to life. Just like this »


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The 4 instant benefits of brand design.


brand design benefit 1

Create an awesome first impression with new prospects.

brand design benefit 2

Become easily recognizable & attract people who want to spend money with you.

brand design benefit 3

Immediately boost the perceived value of your products & services.

brand design benefit 4

Visually separate your company from competitors.

Who we work with...


Startups & New Businesses

We express what makes you exceptional. Prior to takeoff, we create a powerful brand identity so you can launch your new product or service with confidence and a clearly defined message. Brand design is the key to gaining market trust and acquiring new customers.

Companies Rebranding

In the world of branding, consistency is king. Our role is to keep your brand design consistent with the direction of your company. No matter the reason for your company choosing to rebrand, we will help you to regain a competitive advantage and stay relevant.


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Brand Design: An investment that won't go sour.



Increase your perceived value.

We both know your products and services are worth every cent, but is it clear for everyone else to see? Our creative approach to brand design makes it easy for all to recognise you have a credible company that offers true value. It's simple; when you look the part, people take you seriously.

Create a huge difference.

To take on competitors in your field, your point of difference must shine like a diamond. Our craft is creating unique and incredibly good-looking brand design to make this possible for your new company or rebrand.

Connect with an audience.

We all have an ideal customer in mind, the trick is bringing them through the door. Well, brand design is almost the trick that brings them to the door, opens it and invites them in. Brand design creates a consistent theme that is easily recognised and appeals to your market.


11 Questions with our Creative Director — Aaron Fifield.


aaron fifield

1. When did you start One Deep Design and what was your first project?

It all started in 2009 as a side project, I was holding down a 9-5 at the time. The first job I ever landed came through Myspace and it was creating a band logo. I charged $40!

2. Why do you enjoy working with other entrepreneurs?

I like to see others taking a risk to better themselves and others while creating something great. I also believe a close network of forward thinking entrepreneurs can be very powerful.

3. What is your favourite quote?

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful." - Eric Thomas. [Read more]

Word on the street...

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"Aaron was great taking into consideration our needs, brand and vision – exactly what we needed. Would recommend without reservations."

- Carina, Four Seasons Organics

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